Our solutions

Typical missions of strategic optimization

dx&dx’s typical missions are:

Business planning (marketing, operations, cash-flows) for expansion or product launch

Our team develops actionable, insight and data-driven strategies in Chinese market that support companies’ critical goal achievement. We identify the main resources, actions and leverages necessary for sustainable growth, and pave the way for companies to get there.

Market sizing assessment

When entering Chinese market or extending your operations, to evaluate the market potential is crucial to better build your strategic architecture. Market sizing in China will enable your team to answer to critical questions and take insight-driven decision for your growth in China.

Market opportunities assessment

Market opportunities assessment is a method used by our team to support the development of specific new products and services that are considered as innovative. It is especially necessary to identify opportunities given by the market for disruptive technology implementation.

Identify market requirements and barriers to entry

Entering a new market such as China or extending your Chinese activities into a new industry will lead to practical challenges. The understanding of all the requirement related to your new operations – competition framework, needed investment, legal barrier – will be key.

Market segmentation

Our team promotes a Cartesian approach of strategy. We divide our focus into a multitude of small objectives, aiming at contributing to the main objective and answering your major need. When it comes to market segmentation, we identify and quantify your key segments of consumers to offer targeted strategies, and then increase your market share, for each of them.

Business transformation and turnaround

Our team offers a tailored and data-based business turnaround service to firms in need of a re-orientation of their resources and efforts in China. We identify new market opportunities in China and match them with the ambitions and available resources of clients. We also assist market shift anticipation.

Business strategy implementation

It is one thing to provide strategic recommendation. We pride more in making actual growth happen. We bring in-company consultants in your team to follow the operational setup, execution of the defined strategy and provide objective monitoring of the results. (setting of KPIs and follow-up).

Bottom-line improvement (profit)

Our team accompanies clients to make the best of their existing assets in China. Our in-house process focuses on optimizing spending for client acquisition by auditing and leveraging your existing marketing assets. We offer improvement in metrics which involves costs like Gross Profit, Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Acquisition.

Revenues improvement (turnover expansion)

Our team offers its experience and knowledge of Chinese marketing tools to help companies increase market share in targeted markets by leveraging resources and sales acceleration strategies adapted to the Chinese market.