Daxue Consulting becoming a group with 2 main practices: dx2 and daxuemtry

Because of its recent developments, Daxue Consulting’s management team came up with the creation of 2 practices: daxuemetry focusing on market research and daxuedoxa focusing on strategy. Within daxuedoxa, specific topics have been developed such as market sizing topics with market sizes, pricing topics with PricingStrat, client conversion topics with ConversionStrat and AcquisitionStrat for audience acquisition strategies. Daxuedoxa (also known under “dx2”) is leveraging frameworks that help manage company’s innovation and its implementation through accurate and efficient business models, intelligent pricing, increased acquisition rate and improved conversion rate. Business intelligence is the third pillar built within daxuedoxa on top of market sizing projects and pricing projects. Daxuemetry is the practice focusing on market research. It is much more methodology-based and supports daxuedoxa in its need of insights and data.