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DX&DX, a strategy consulting firm with strong roots in China

daxudoxa-logo-strategy-chinadx&dx is a strategy consulting firm based in China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong-Kong. It was created within the group daxue consulting as more and more clients of daxue consulting were looking for pure strategy advisory.

Upgrading targeted element of your business, resource management and operations in China

Dx&dx designs strategies focusing on upgrading targeted element of your business, resource management and operations. Dx&dx especially work to create competitive edge in China, enhance your market positioning and deliver concrete performance upgrade and sustainable business growth. Our deliverables and recommendation are driven by the return on investment potential. Our team is dedicated to tangible results in Chinese market and everything we execute have this aim.


A practice of the daxue consulting group

Daxue consulting is a China-based business strategy consultancy that gather some of the most dynamic agencies in China, covering various field from marketing operation (DAXLR) to market research (Daxuemetry) and venture capital advisory (DX&DX).


Deep commitment to knowledge and science in research and business administration

dx&dx’s name comes from the combination of the word daxu大须- reknown savant in ancient Chinese – and doxa – opinions in Greek. The name was also making a natural analogy with the initial name of the group daxue consulting emphasising on our deep commitment to knowledge and science in research and business administration as “daxue” refers to “studies” and “universities” in Chinese.


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Tailored strategic offer for the Chinese market

Localized approach

Profound understanding of international matters with an Asian touch and especially a Chinese one because of the origins of the company.

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Data-driven approach

Thorough collection of existing data and creation of primary data through its close relationships with the market research firm daxuemetry also under the group daxue consulting.

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Comprehensive approach

The specificities of dx&dx is to provide a 360 approach of strategy linking all strategies to:

  • Financial implications of new operational strategies on the bottom line
  • Internal managerial consequences of new strategies deployment on
  • Partners implications in the corporate partners ecosystem after strategical deployment
  • Speed of operational execution to gain definite leverage and market domination on market segments (niches or mass-market segments)
  • One key client per sector / topics



Unique level of strategical thinking

We pride ourselves to have the have well-trained and intellectually curious project managers.

Project team set-up

  • One senior project leader full-time
  • 2 junior project managers
  • Several project assistants
  • At least 2 nationalities and several educational backgrounds

Team training 

  • Quarterly workshops
  • Company’s library
  • Ad hoc external trainings
  • Internal training

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Typical missions of strategic optimization

dx&dx’s typical missions are:

Business planning (marketing, operations, cash-flows) for expansion or product launch

Our team develops actionable, insight and data-driven strategies in Chinese market that support companies’ critical goal achievement. We identify the main resources, actions and leverages necessary for sustainable growth, and pave the way for companies to get there.

Market sizing assessment

When entering Chinese market or extending your operations, to evaluate the market potential is crucial to better build your strategic architecture. Market sizing in China will enable your team to answer to critical questions and take insight-driven decision for your growth in China.

Market opportunities assessment

Market opportunities assessment is a method used by our team to support the development of specific new products and services that are considered as innovative. It is especially necessary to identify opportunities given by the market for disruptive technology implementation.

Identify market requirements and barriers to entry

Entering a new market such as China or extending your Chinese activities into a new industry will lead to practical challenges. The understanding of all the requirement related to your new operations – competition framework, needed investment, legal barrier – will be key.

Market segmentation

Our team promotes a Cartesian approach of strategy. We divide our focus into a multitude of small objectives, aiming at contributing to the main objective and answering your major need. When it comes to market segmentation, we identify and quantify your key segments of consumers to offer targeted strategies, and then increase your market share, for each of them.

Business transformation and turnaround

Our team offers a tailored and data-based business turnaround service to firms in need of a re-orientation of their resources and efforts in China. We identify new market opportunities in China and match them with the ambitions and available resources of clients. We also assist market shift anticipation.

Business strategy implementation

It is one thing to provide strategic recommendation. We pride more in making actual growth happen. We bring in-company consultants in your team to follow the operational setup, execution of the defined strategy and provide objective monitoring of the results. (setting of KPIs and follow-up).

Bottom-line improvement (profit)

Our team accompanies clients to make the best of their existing assets in China. Our in-house process focuses on optimizing spending for client acquisition by auditing and leveraging your existing marketing assets. We offer improvement in metrics which involves costs like Gross Profit, Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Acquisition.

Revenues improvement (turnover expansion)

Our team offers its experience and knowledge of Chinese marketing tools to help companies increase market share in targeted markets by leveraging resources and sales acceleration strategies adapted to the Chinese market.

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Our sector expertise

At Daxu & Doxa, along with all the practices of our group daxue consulting, we believe that a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ industries is a must-have to provide optimal support. Over the years and after hundreds of project, our project leaders have collected extensive knowledge in various industries. We especially rely on our market research unique capabilities in China to anticipate changes and trends in strategic markets and evaluate how to take advantage of the forces shaping the industry. Moreover, all DX & DX’s project leaders regularly work with daxue consulting market research team, on project as close as possible to the actual fieldwork, to gain and give you a first-hand insights on your market and your Chinese consumers behavior, expectation and perception.

We have served international clients from a vast range of sectors for their strategic planning in China, including:

  • Mass market commodity / consumer goods
  • Telecommunication and media
  • High-technology and digitization
  • Services
  • Public sector
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Private Equity
  • Financial services

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Our international clients

As a China-based strategy consulting firm with international vision, DX&DX is mostly serving international clients in their strategic operations in China. Our portfolio is divided between:

  • Large multinational groups with existing operations in China
  • Mid-sized to large European and American companies in early stage of their operation in China
  • SMEs entering Chinese market
  • Family offices
  • Private equity funds

Various global leading companies can testify the efficiency and capabilities of DX&DX’s service in China. Reach us now to get more reference about our work and start to talk with our senior managers.

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Join-us now!

To work at DX&DX means having a chance to work with leading worldwide companies in their strategic planning in China, but also to acquire unique processes of market audit and strategy design adapted to the Chinese market.

Joining DX&DX will mean working with a team of highly experienced China-based project managers and consultants, answering the numerous challenging and complex strategy problems the Chinese market can raise. To achieve success in each mission, you will integrate unique methodologies and get in touch with many practices of the daxue consulting group, from the market data collection team (Daxuemetry) to the digital and marketing operation specialists (DAXLR) or the China-based venture capital experts (Daxue Ventures).

Daxu Doxa works in long-term commitment with its larger clients. You will therefore be involved in projects following-up for several months, which will allow you to develop a specific expertise in the related industries and a unique relationship with our clients.

When starting with our teams, you will be assigned in project execution as a junior executive. You will steadily climb the leader of responsibility, through a transparent process of experience building and clients’ evaluation of your performance. We pride ourselves to senior managers with extensive experienced, but also of proven quality, to lead the strategic projects of any of our client.

With 3 offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, DX&DX positions its brand as one of the most recognize strategy consulting firm in China, serving worldwide industry leaders in their crucial approach of the Chinese market.

Daxu Doxa is always recruiting new talents to support its rapid growth. Join us now to start your journey into the Chinese business environment.